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Welcome, N.O.I.R.E STEAM, LLC is a new and upcoming STEM education networking and outreach company. The C.E.O and founder noticed a need for a space that would allow underrepresented groups, specifically African American men and women, who are either working in or are interested in STEM fields to connect, network, and give back to their communities. What started out as a small group of 15 individuals has now blossomed into a networking group of over 400 members across the country, in as little as 3 months. N.O.I.R.E STEAM, LLC will change the face of the STEM industry one member and one event at a time.


Making every member authentically N.O.I.R.E


For our network component, we use a group chat to connect with other early-career professionals. Every group chat has a daily question of the day that allows its members to learn how to effectively connect with not only their peers, but possible mentors and employers.


Ownership is another key component of our organization. At our first conference, we plan to have a breakout session that will have a guest speaker who will touch on ownership within STEM fields. This will consist of the process to obtain patents, trademarks, and how to create a business with the STEM realm will be stressed, as this is a vital part of being successful in our fields.


Innovation is key to our success. We must be innovative and creative to find useful ways to fix a problem. This is where we stress the need to bring the arts into their work. We will work to highlight individuals who have incorporated the arts in their work.


Research is key, especially for our aspiring STEM professionals. For our inaugural conference, N.O.I.R.E STEAM Pro will be rolling out our undergraduate fellows program. This program will allow a small group of undergraduate students, who meet certain criteria, register for STEMFest 2020 at a discounted rate. STEMFest 2020 Undergraduate Fellows applications will open in December of 2019 and will close in February 2020.


Elevate meaning to raise or live up to a higher level. We want each of our members to use the tools listed above, to allow them to elevate. At N.O.I.R.E STEAM Pro we believe that when one member is able to elevate they are able to elevate not only themselves and their families, but our entire community. When we open doors and shatter glass ceilings we are able to change the face of STEM and this will allow us to change the world.